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Breakdown & Repairs

Coogle Australia has been repairing faulty air conditioners for over 15 years, If your air conditioner is not working fine and when you needed it, it is noisy or blowing hot air or just stop working, you can easily give us a call or chat with us online so that our friendly air con consultant can help you to fix the issue and get your system running again in a limited time frame!

Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keep your air conditioning systems working properly particularly before the summer and winter periods. A proper maintenance can ensure your air conditioner use less energy to cool or heat your room and avoid breakdowns. Air conditioners can also cause health issues as they can build up mould and bacteria.

Existing Client Warranty

Air conditioning system is a valuable investment to your property, so let us make sure you receive the best return on investment. All of our quality products, come with a five years full warranty on both residential and commercial use, no like others, we really look after our clients. In Coogle Australia we offer you 360 degrees cover.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Fujitsu is a special air-conditioning system for heating and cooling. I trust him very much for this.

I can’t hear any noise at night when I sleep, so I can sleep more comfortably.
The installation process was completed in less than an hour, and it was very simple.

I haven’t found anything easier to operate than this air conditioner, and the remote control receives a particularly powerful signal.”

Author name 1

“The Haier unit is extremely a good buy, its very quiet, energy efficient, and makes the whole house cool in very quick time. The installation process was quick, it was done professionally and was done in a few hours and its a must have if you want an affordable air conditioning system that wont break the bank. It is also extremely easy to operate and change the settings with the remote.”

Author name 2

“Haier is an excellent product with excellent features. This product is amazing and value for money product. It has all good features which I found on more expansive products than this. It was easy to install and comes with 5 years parts and labour warranty. This product doesn’t make any noise and works perfectly. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Coogle Australia service?

Coogle Australia services all air conditioning heating and cooling needs across Perth and areas of regional WA.

Which brands and products are available?

Coogle Australia offers many brands of evaporative air conditioning, ducted air conditioning, reverse cycle air con and split systems for both heating and cooling in Perth. Our company supplies quality air conditioning brands including Fujitsu, Fisher & Paykel and Daikin and all other top brands.

Which is the best heating/cooling system for me?

At Coogle Australia, we want our cumstomer to have the best suited air con system for their house or business. The size and design of a cooling and or heating system depend on a range of factors:

How many floors are there?

What are the dimensions of the rooms?

Which direction do the rooms face?

How many windows and doors?

What type of the construction is?

What’s the level of insulation?

How many people are living in or work at the place?

The main use of the area?

What’s the Outdoor space looks like?

Coogle Australia can design and recommend a system for your individual need.

I don’t really know what I need, can you assist?

Coogle Australia consultants are very experienced in designing the cooling and heating requirements for any type of customers. As one of the leading company in Perth offers air conditioning services we can explain all the options and recommend a system suited to your individual needs.


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