Ceiling Cassette Systems


Ceiling Cassette Systems are better alternative of Ducted System in any space with small ceiling space and with it’s instantaneous switch on to full power so you can count on it to cool/warm your room fast.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

The most common type of ceiling aircon units are called ‘cassettes. They are best-suited to rooms with a false or suspended ceiling and are ideal for use in offices and shops. The main body of the unit is hidden within the ceiling void with just a very thin facia visible and it thus neatly ‘camouflage’ into the retail or office space. An important consideration for the installation of ceiling cassettes is that it allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look for air conditioning solutions.

These units have the unique advantage of being able to be placed in the centre of a room and blow cool or warm air in four different directions. A single centrally-mounted ceiling cassette can provide balanced cooling to an entire room or multiple units can be used for larger areas.

Despite the fact that ceiling cassette ac units are hidden within a suspended ceiling (the space that is above the square tiles that many offices have on the ceilings), they are easy to retrofit and can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption.

The performance of Ceiling Cassette System is usually slit better than wall split system due to it hanging from ceiling and directing the airflow to the surrounding area instead of on an angle towards one area.