Ducted Evaporative Systems


A Ducted evaporative cooler is a wonderful way to cool your home. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and works well in dry environments like Perth.

Enjoy the benefits of living by the sea, without leaving your home, thanks to the innovative and effective solutions from Coogle Air. Drawing in the cool and fresh air and dispersing it throughout the home, our advanced evaporative cooling units can bring relief from even the hottest day.

Able to transform hot outside air into cool air, evaporative cooling systems can easily reduce the inside temperature of homes in a matter of moments. Composed of moistened Chillcel pads, the hot air passes over these pads and delivers the now cool air throughout the home. With our seamless and prompt evaporative cooling installation the team at Coogle Air can ensure that you get to enjoy a higher quality of life for less!

So with energy prices escalating and our summers getting hotter, evaporative cooling has a significant and increasing edge on the reverse cycle air conditioning when it comes to energy efficiency, performance, and lifestyle.

An evaporative system is the ideal choice for people wishing to have climate control throughout their entire home.