VRV / VRF System

Installing a VRV / VRF System in a commercial office space can reduce energy waste and provide great flexibility for temperature control.

If you’re looking to heat vast spaces with high ceilings the VRV / VRF System could be just what you’re looking for.

Technology That Gives You Total Control

VRV / VRF systems are suitable for very large homes and commercial projects. If you’re looking to heat massive spaces the VRV / VRF System could be just what you’re looking for. VRV / VRF outdoor units can be easily located on the roof avoiding the need for a plant room, and installation can be carried out one floor at a time. Independent control of each unit avoids energy waste and a wide range of indoor unit options provides great flexibility for dwellers.

We offering top of a range VRV / VRF System, Coogle Air can put together a competitively priced VRV / VRF design system for your home or building.

VRV / VRF System is a commercially applied climate management solution that optimises comfort and control whilst delivering significant energy efficiencies. 

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